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Tutor FAQ

This is a gathering of most of the questions Lesson Up members have.

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1 Payment/Withdrawal What should I do to receive tuition from students? 387
2 Homepage How to apply to cancel your membership? 336
3 Payment/Withdrawal I want to withdrawal credits on my account. 351
4 Lesson/Cancel I want to gather many students. 347
5 Lesson/Cancel I want to apply to student's tutor-request 371
6 Lesson/Cancel Do I need to use Skype for a lesson? 367
7 Lesson/Cancel What will I need to do after lesson? 349
8 Payment/Withdrawal A student wants to deal directly with the tutor. 374
9 Lesson/Cancel A student has canceled my lesson (class). 352
10 Lesson/Cancel I can’t continue my lesson anymore. 332
11 Lesson/Cancel Student was late or absent. 336
12 Lesson/Cancel I want to delay the lesson. 308
13 Homepage I want to write on the community board. 336
14 Homepage I want to have consultations about a lesson. 331
15 Payment/Withdrawal What is the service commission price? 352
16 Lesson/Cancel I want to receive a verified tutor mark. 312
17 Lesson/Cancel I want to receive feedback about my lesson from a student. 312
18 Lesson/Cancel I have received a message from a student. 320
19 Lesson/Cancel I have responded to the student request through recommended tutor, but I haven’t received a reply. 333
20 Lesson/Cancel A student enrolled a lesson. 329
21 Payment/Withdrawal What will happen if I don’t leave a lesson review? 352
22 Lesson/Cancel I want to receive counseling messages from many students. 330
23 Lesson/Cancel Can I have offline lessons? 344
24 Lesson/Cancel How do Asian students study English? 332
25 Lesson/Cancel What should I teach in the lesson? 340
26 Lesson/Cancel Who are the students? 346
27 Lesson/Cancel What are tuition fee for 30minutes or one hour lesson? 335
28 Lesson/Cancel I had overtime on my lesson. 305
29 Lesson/Cancel How can I prepare lesson textbooks? 309
30 Payment/Withdrawal Where can I check my tuition and fee details? 334