Lesson Up

100% well-educated USA native English speakers as teachers.
1. Lesson UP has the nation’s largest number, 1,500, of USA native English speakers.
2. Lesson Up teachers are from all 50 states in USA
3. Teachers speak standard American English and they also do private tutoring in the USA
Low price for lessons from a USA native speaker
1. Receive lessons from a native English speaker form the USA with

   the same price of a telephone English lesson with a Non-native teacher.

2. You can receive lessons at the same price as private tutoring in the USA
3. Click here to compare prices with other English telephone services.
English lessons in specialized fields are possible, not only general English conversations
1. Lesson Up services are not only for improving test scores to get a job or for a promotion.
2. Users can participate in general English courses which allow free conversations with USA natives

depending on the participant’s English level.

3. We have Specialist English courses which can help people who want to get a job in the IT/Biz/Health/Hospital/Hotel/Tourism/Art Design fields.
4. You can have Lessons covering English interview, SATs, native USA curriculum for studying abroad, emigrating, and overseas employment.
Avoid telephone fee. Online/Mobile lessons are possible anytime and anywhere
1. English lessons through Online/Mobile messenger s/w like Skype.

(Skype is the most used messenger in the world)

2. Skype can be the PC version and or the Mobile version so you can have lessons with

native teachers without a telephone fee anywhere like at home, coffee shops, at the park, and the office.