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How to teach a Language in Lesson-Up

How to Teach

Lesson-Up provides a variety of services to make a convenient educational environment for private tutoring between tutors and students.

Enrollment process
1. Students can send tutors suggested requests to Lesson-Up or contact tutors via the message system directly.
2. If students send the tutor a suggested request, tutors can see these requests listed in
MyPage > Apply to Student.
If tutors find suitable students, tutors can apply to them.
3. Students can send messages to one or more of the applicants (tutors). If tutors receive the messages from students, tutors need to do their best to make students enroll in the class.
4. Students can send messages without suggested tutor requests. In this case, tutors need to do their best to make students enroll in the class too.
5. If students want to use Lesson-Up's free online textbook, you should use Lesson-Up's textbook when tutors give a lesson to students. The online textbook is free to All members. If students don't want to use the Lesson-Up textbook, you should introduce students to the way you will teach and which materials you will teach with. Sometimes, students may want to use their own textbook.
6. If students enrolled in your class via the Tutor Request request, these kind of classes will be one of 30 mins or 1 hour or 1 hour 30min classes. In this case, the tuition (hourly rate) will be $25 ~ $30 according to subjects that the students choose.
7. If students enrolled with you directly without the Tutor Request request, the total tuition will be calculated based on the tutors' hourly rate that you write down in the tutor profile (MyPage)
8. The basis of the Lesson Time is KST (Korean Standard Time). If you want to make an appointment with Korean students, tutors need to make an appointment based on KST. If you want to make a appointment with Korean students, tutors'd better to make an appointment based on KST

Free Online TextBook
1. Lesson-Up provides over 40 free online textbooks to meet a variety of students' needs.
2. These books are for free talking, business, interview, worker in hospital, tour business, OPIc test preparation (Oral Test), News English and others.
3. If students want to use Lesson-Up textbooks in their class, tutors need to use the Lesson-Up textbook.
4. After students enroll with you, you can find the link for the textbooks in MyPage > Student Management. You should use this link when tutors give a lesson to students. Also, students should use this link in MyPage > Class Management.
5. After the lesson is finished, tutors should write and send a lesson review in MyPage > Student Management. When tutors write a lesson review, tutors should input today's progress exactly.
6. It is because online textbook provider (third party) calculate fees based on this progress.
7. If tutors didn't write down the progress exactly, tutors and students can face some constraint to read textbooks.

Give a lesson
1. Lesson-Up guide tutors and students to use Skype in their lesson.
2. Sometimes students can request tutors to use other online/mobile messenger apps (Hang-Out or KaKaO-Talk). It is the tutors' choice.
3. If students aren't likely to keep an appointment with you, it can be a cultural difference between tutors and students. Tutors should guide students to focus on their lesson more. Also, if tutors give a good lesson, students will give good feedback. Tutors should do their best to achieve good feedback and have a good reputation.
4. If students don't keep an appointment with you very often, send the message to Lesson-Up in MyPage > 1:1 Customer Care. Lesson-Up will guide students to cancel this lesson.
5. In all lessons, Lesson-Up want tutors to focus on improving students' speaking skill. Lesson-Up is trying to take a strong market position in the area of English Speaking
6. Tutors had better to give a good and interesting lesson if you want to get a high re-enrollment ratio.
7. Sometimes, students can request a group lesson to tutors. It's your choice.

Write a lesson review after lesson.
1. After the lesson, tutors should upload a lesson review to get tuition.
2. Lesson reviews are not for Lesson-Up, but for Students.
3. Tutors should upload lesson reviews, pronunciation, grammar and vocab from that lesson. Pronunciation, grammar, and vocab are optional.
4. Tutors should write down the time based on KST. If tutors use Lesson-Up's textbook, they should upload which part of textbook was used. If tutors didn't write it down exactly, tutors and students can face some constraints regarding reading textbooks.
5. If the student absent without notice, tutors can upload lesson reviews with the student's absence. In this case, the tuition will be same.
6. If tutors upload lesson reviews with students' absence, sometimes disputes can happen between tutors and students. In that case, tutors should make sure students know that the class was canceled before uploading a lesson review.
7. Also, sometimes tutors might want to postpone lessons, like students. In this case, tutors should let students know that they want to postpone the lesson in advance.
8. After all lessons are finished, tutors should request that students leave good feedback

Withdrawal Requests
1. If tutors want to get paid via Paypal, tutors should send withdrawal requests in MyPage.
2. Tutors will get paid within a week after their withdrawal request.
3. If tutors have any questions, they can contact us via MyPage > 1:1 Customer Care.