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Pearl Walton

  • Pearl Walton. Lacey, Washington, United States
  • Univ1 :

    River Ridge High School

    South Puget Sound Community College

    Argosy University

  • Education : Bachelor

  • Hourly Rate : $30USD

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General Subject : Free-Talking, News English, Movie/TV Drama , Grammar, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

Special Subject : Interview, Hospital English, General Elementary, Others

Introduction My name is Pearl. I am interested in helping those learning English build confidence speaking. I taught English in Korea about 6 years ago focusing on speaking skills. I created an English only environment in my classroom and had so much fun with my students. A lot of my students were beginners in English, but I have also tutored high school and college students with their English conversational skills.
How to teach Currently I do not use any materials besides some news articles that I will send to the student.
Career(3yr) I taught English in Korea for a year. I would love to continue to help students with conversational English.
Certificate n/a, but I have a lot of experience.