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Elayna Kong

  • Elayna Kong. New York, New York, United States
  • Univ1 :

    Undergraduate, Audrey Cohen College-City University of New York

    Global TESOL, TEFL Adanced Level Completion, New York City

  • Education : Bachelor

  • Hourly Rate : $30USD

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  • Student's feedback (5.00)

General Subject : Free-Talking, News English, Presentation, Movie/TV Drama , Grammar, Reading, Writing, Literature, Proofreading, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

Special Subject : Biz English, Interview, IT English, SAT, Tour English, General Elementary, Others

Introduction I am determined, enthusiastic, sagacious, and a highly motivated teacher. As a teacher, my main focus is seeing students grow academically, socially, and emotionally in an atmosphere that is both stimulating and adaptive to their needs.
I am confident enough to say that my teaching techniques and methods will promote a genuine interest to each and every student. I know that I can make a valuable contribution to your education, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Career(20yr) Since 1996, I have worked in several teaching positions where I have enjoyed meeting and working with many varied personalities. One aspect of being a great teacher is having superb organization skills, which include lesson planning, time management, pre-teaching, gathering relevant materials, and ensuring all types of assessment are completed in a timely manner. I feel these are all strong points I possess.
Certificate I have TESOL, TEFL and Advanced Reading Certificate.
Graduated with Honors 3.75GPA