Lesson Up

1. Preparations before the first lesson

There are some preparations before starting lessons on Lesson UP

- PC/Laptop users

1. Headset which is connected to a microphone(necessary)

2. Webcam(necessary)

3. Skype Installed on your PC/ Labtop Computer and have a membership

- Mobile users

1. Earpiece(optional)

2. Skype App Installed on your smart phone and have a membership


2. Lesson through Skype

When you have a lesson through Skype you can follow the teacher’s guidance but if you master the functions it will help your lessons.

1. During a lesson video chat with the teacher.

2. If you can’t hear well during the lesson ask the teacher through the chat box.

3. You can attach lesson materials and send it to your teacher through the chat box.

4. You can see your teacher and lesson materials at the same time by using Skype’s document sharing or wallpaper sharing function during the lesson.

수강료 및 입금안내

3. Lesson Up class material

Most textbooks offered for telephone English or academies are for the corporation’s additional profit and it
doesn’t improve the students’ English ability. Lesson Up’s class materials are chosen by each teachers.
Lesson contents are different depending on what the student wants to learn therefore, discuss with your teacher about the contents and materials needed before enrolling a lesson.